About Me

Sherri Miller

Hi, I’m Sherri and a wife, mom and blogger who loves her people.  I love writing, speaking, trouble-shooting my family’s issues and organizing those issues.  LOL  I am a recovering control freak who is learning that control isn’t the jam it’s cracked up to be.  More on that in a minute…

Some of my favorite things are watching the lights come on as people are learning, helping to find solutions people are looking for, chocolate, coffee, and great conversations.  And if I can get all those in one event, I’m jazzed for days!  I love anything that helps to move people forward in their life and blog about the things that I’ve learned and am currently in the schoolroom on.

I love decorating and redecorating my house – that’s my space where I create brain space.  When you find me tearing up one area and carrying in things from another corner of the house, you can know I’ve got something on the brain.  I love that God poured a love for beauty into us and then doused us with creativity to make beauty!  What a genius!

I live in Ohio with my husband and best friend, Jonathan, and our 4 kiddos, Alex, Taylor, Amari and Adrian, 2 of which have decidedly grown past my own 4’11.5’’ stature.  These people…they have my whole heart, and I love doing life with them.

I’m passionate about personal learning and growing, but I certainly haven’t always been that way!  There was a large season of my life that I tried to blend in, to neither be too much nor too little.  When I had the safe, controlled life I thought I wanted, I was bored and very discontented.

I had to learn that in order to live life to the fullest, I needed to let go of the reigns and engage my heart.  I began to understand that life is a process, and it’s very much meant to be celebrated and enjoyed.

And I’ve never been happier or enjoyed life so much.

My absolute hope is that you will be inspired here to become all you can be.  You have more potential than you know.

I’m so glad you’re here.


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